Sharpie Musical Tribute

This is a special musical tribute to Phil created, written, and performed by the multi-talented members of the Sharp Lab for the 40th reunion. 

The videos feature Andrew Bosson (vocals, ukulele and harmonica), Anthony Chiu (piano), Sara Dubbury (vocals), Salil Garg (vocals), Mohini Jangi (vocals), and Tim Kelly (ukulele). Other participants (background singing and dancing) included  Sidi Chen,  Katja Helenius, Courtney JnBaptiste, Andrea Kriz, Mary Lindstrom, Hiroshi Suzuki, Xuebing Wu, Jesse Zamudio and, of course, Phil Sharp

This four-part video was filmed by Paul Boutz. Photos include historical photos of Phil Sharp and the Sharp Lab taken between 1974 and 2014 and were compiled by Mary Lindstrom and Margarita Siafaca.