Reunion Update

May 14, 2014

We have received positive responses from a total of 92 Sharpies coming to our reunion.  This is thrilling!
The total numbers (including spouses and children) are as follows:

Friday Reception = 109 (includes 5 children)
Saturday Symposium = 101
Saturday Dinner = 99 (includes 7 children)
Sunday Brunch = ??

1)  The number of the brunch attendees remains a bit of a mystery as we do not have a good idea of how many will be attending - if we can bother you to respond again just for the Sunday brunch that will be very helpful.  The number of attendees would determine the venue and the catering so it is important that we have a more concrete number ASAP - we are OK with a maybe. Please email Margarita ( to let her know if you will be attending (yes/no/maybe).

2)  I am in the process of ordering the poster boards and need ASAP a rough number of the posters that will be presented. Please email Margarita ( to let her know if A) You are presenting a poster, and B) if yes, what the title is.

To update you on our progress so far:

The Friday reception and dinner at the Koch Institute are all set but we do not yet have a detailed schedule of events.  It is "work-in-progress."
The event should be from 6:00 to ~10:00 PM

The Saturday Symposium
We have now a list of speakers who have committed to give a talk.  See the schedule on the Symposium page.

We have also started a website dedicated to the reunion ( where we hope to post anything relevant to our reunion as it progresses - check it out from time to time between now and June 13.