Reunion 2014

A special thanks to the approximately one hundred and thirty Sharpies, including children and spouses, that attended the reunion celebrations June13th-15, 2014.  


What makes this group special is the culture. If you can develop a culture in which people are treated well, they are committed to science, they are open and support each other, then, if you make a mistake on what strategy or concept you go after, they will, as a group, self-correct.  So if you have the right culture and you are open and honest with each other, you will make progress as a group. If you don’t have the right culture, even if you have the right idea, it won’t work…


I have just been amazed over the last several days and over the last 40 years with the people who’ve worked with me and how they’ve enjoyed and entered and played and formed the culture that we’ve had in the lab. It really has made the lab what it is…


I wanted to express my thanks for being part of this culture, being part of the team, working together, learning here, going off and working elsewhere, and creating the science you do. 


That to me is something that is so special, so important that nothing else really matters, because that’s what we do. We do science. And we do other things in life. But in this place, in this time, we do science. It has made life worth living, it has made my whole time here and working with you, and I just couldn’t be more thankful for all of your help and contributions. 


Phil SharpJune 14, 2014